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ChartBreaker – More than Just a Software

Recipe for success: house-made

Recipe for success: house-made

FinTech has been daily business for us for 15 years. We developed ChartBreaker in-house with our finance experts. It is they who use it every day. And the users of our financial portals. It goes without saying that this is why we are satisfied with nothing but the best! Which benefits you and your clients, too.

State-of-the-art promise

State-of-the-art promise

Dem Anspruch, „das Beste“ zu bieten, werden wir durch ständige Weiterentwicklung der Software gerecht. Aktuell hat ChartBreaker über 200 Funktionen und ermöglicht, beliebige Daten plattformunabhängig darzustellen – hochperformant und in Realtime aktualisierbar. Auch das User Interface können Sie nahezu unbegrenzt anpassen.

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

Benefit from our long-term experience and entrust ChartBreaker to your clients. You have the choice –deploy the ready-to-use software immediately or sit back even more relaxed: We adapt ChartBreaker to your individual needs and offer you comfortable SLA packages.

“The innovative charting of BörseGo AG is an integral part of our CFD trading platform, which is also highly appreciated by our white-label partners. Of particular importance to us is the fair and customer-oriented cooperation with BörseGo AG – notably with the IT team that is in charge of the charting tool.”

Mario Furlan, Head of Retail CFD,

The Most Important Information at a Glance

More than 200 functions

More than 200 functions

Chart types, indicators, price patterns, drawing and measuring tools. Offer your clients what they need.

Limitless UI customisation

Limitless UI customisation

Give your charting your own visual touch. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

High-performance API

High-performance API

Integrate data from any source. ChartBreaker displays it with high performance in real-time push.


ChartBreaker worldwide

ChartBreaker supports any language and any character, number and date format.

Future potential

Tailor-made features

Enable your users to create their own indicators or add order management and price alerts to the chart.

The customer owns the chart

The customer owns the chart

Save, export, share – let your clients decide what they want to do with their charts.

Technical Flexibility is a Given

Integrate our technology in your existing systems - and adapt it, if desired, to your needs. The possibilities are almost limitless. And we will, of course, support you as a partner.

One codebase for all platforms
One codebase for all platforms

Support of any modern browsers (desktop & mobile without additional plugins), native apps (Android, iOS) and node.js. All platforms use the exact same codebase.

Modular Architecture
Modular Architecture

The user interface communicates with the chart via API as independent module. Use our reference surfaces or develop your own tailored to your individual needs.

Data connection and real-time push
Data connection and real-time push

Whether the data is generated dynamically on the client side, loaded via AJAX request or streamed via WebSockets is up to you. Updates in real-time are possible.

Serialization / Deserialization
Serialization / Deserialization

Entire chart configurations with all settings and included objects (technical tools, indicators etc.) can be serialized to a string or deserialized from it any time.

Automatic aggregation
Automatic aggregation

ChartBreaker automatically carries out the aggregation of any data displayed according to the chosen chart type and the resolution. All you have to do is provide tick data for the update.

Support & Service
Support & Service

Regular updates and access to the ticketing system are included. Various SLA models guarantee reaction times of 12h max or direct access to the developers.

For more information please refer to our Facts & Features or the Documentation.


  • FAQ - License
  • FAQ - Software

I only need certain components of the software. Is the license fee reduced when I use fewer features?

We offer different packages tailored to the needs of our target groups and we charge you an appropriate fee. Please contact us regarding an individual solution.

Are per-seat licenses necessary?

No, the ChartBreaker license refers to the application. An unlimited number of developers can use it.

Can market data be retrieved via BörseGo AG?

We configure and maintain your price history and data base in your order if required. Even if ChartBreaker is outsourced on your servers.

Is the maximum license period limited?

We work continuously on ChartBreaker since we develop the software for our own portals, too. Therefore we do not intend to stop the product in the near future.

I would like to integrate the charting software to my own software solution (OEM). Is there a license available?

Whether software developer or major bank, we have the appropriate model – please feel free to contact us any time.

How can I license ChartBreaker as trader?

Traders can use ChartBreaker free of charge on our investment and analysis platform Guidants.

Am I charged for updates and do they only include security updates/bug fixes?

No – all (security) updates including all improvements and new functions are covered by the license fees.

Do the license fees increase if I use the software on different platforms or on the intranet?

No, the license covers all devises, operating systems and also the integration on the intranet. Our licenses depend on the intended use of application, i.e. investor relations or CFD brokerage.

How long is support being provided for a particular version?

Bug fixes are generally provided for the respective current version. If requested, security updates or fixes for critical errors are available for older versions, too. How long this is possible varies from case to case. It goes without saying that we will inform you in time when you should switch to a new version.

I would like to integrate ChartBreaker into my product range. Are sales co-operations conceivable?

We are always looking for qualified sales partners. Please contact us.

Is ChartBreaker limited to the German market?

ChartBreaker can both be purchased and used abroad. The technical infrastructure as well as support are provided.

Does the hosting take place on the client or the server side?

An installation on the server side is not necessary – the charts are created and rendered entirely on the client side.

I would like to display data from a non-finance field. Is this possible?

ChartBreaker enables you to integrate and display any data. Whether server loads, voltage characteristics or election results – anything in real-time push. Just let us know what you need!

Is ChartBreaker further developed and if yes, for how long?

We develop the software continuously for our own portals. And for your benefit, too!

Can I implement new features myself?

Yes! ChartBreaker is comprehensively adaptable: You can implement your own indicators, tools, data sources, user surfaces and even more complex plugins such as an order management or price alarms. We assist you if requested.

Who installs the updates?

We provide you with regular updates. If and when you install them, is up to you.

What skills are necessary to install the software?

Basic knowledge in JavaScript/HTML suffices. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help you.

Does ChartBreaker provide interfaces to other systems?

The software offers a JavaScript interface for any data. This enables the integration of any system, i.e. via AJAX request or WebSockets.

Can I make particular indicators available to defined user groups?

You can manage the licensing just as you wish. You can, for example, offer your premium clients the exclusive option to establish their own trading systems with numerous indicators ranging from MACD and RSI to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo or Parabolic SAR.

Is it possible to reduce the number of indicators and drawing tools used?

The use of all functions can be customized just as you wish. You decide which instruments and options you offer your clients.


We are happy to answer your questions and advise you on the selection of your individual charting solution.